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Houses to rent in Vaalpark

We have a largest selection of houses to rent in Vaalpark by far out of all our competitors (check below) and we strife to keep you staying with us and keep you part of our family.We don’t just rent to you we actually like to hear about what we are doing wrong and where we can improve to help you to have the best experience renting from us rather than anyone else that is out there.

My name is Abre Wessels and you will be working with me directly all the time and I am available to you 24/7 to help you out anytime of the day. We have excellent maintenance services that are always standing by to help in a time of need. I am always close by as well if I can help too.

I strife to provide you the best possible experience that you can have renting from us. We have excellent units available for rent in Vaalpark as you will see below just click on the complex you like most and you can see the price ranges and if it is still available or when one is opening up.

You can contact me directly and we can set-up a viewing when it suits you. I am available 6 days a week between 7am to 6pm every day and I do make exceptions when you’re having a late day at work or something is just coming up unexpectedly.

You can email me for more details as well 24/7 and I will respond within 24 hours 7 days a week .To book an appointment you are welcome to give me a call or email me and we get set it up.Find my details below.

Tel:        0748125774


Available Units

Bella Donna R4500

Mia’s place R4300              

Laveder turn R4400

La bella R4200